Anything You Can Do – R.S. Grey

If you have not yet picked up this series and you’re a fan of hilarious realistic fiction romance, let me just say wow. I envy the experience you’re about to have diving into these beauties. There are more than a dozen of these already published and Grey pops out at least one if not two more every year. They’re all stand-alone which is super convenient but a couple do have overlapping characters which can be fun for loyal readers who have been keeping up with Grey since the beginning. I recommend these wholeheartedly, and there’s such a wide selection of tropes (CEO, rockstar, royalty, cowboy… you get the picture) that you’re sure to find a leading duo up your alley.

Anything You Can Do is by far one of my favorites out of this entire series, which is saying a lot. This has so many great tropes rolled into one I don’t even know where to begin. The book follows Daisy, a brilliant and genuinely funny doctor who returns to her hometown to work (and hopefully take over) the local practice. Little does she know, Lucas, her childhood friend-turned-rival, is back home for the same reason.

The moment when they see each other after 11 year apart… BOOM!! Your heart. Your mind. Your entire body. Just boom. The chemistry is literally explosive. I have never wanted two fictional characters to hook up so badly. Not to mention the BANTER. It is so incredibly good and so incredibly not-cringe it’s astounding. No one quite does the bant like Ms. Grey but she has outdone even herself with this one.

The story moves incredibly quickly in a good way. I read this 277 page beauty in one sitting and something tells me you will too. It’s that good and Lucas is that hot.

I’m always a sucker for enemies-to-lovers but throw in that they’ve known each other since childhood, they’re both doctors, the steam level is high but definitely avoids pornographic, and not once did the heroine make me want to kill myself?? Gold. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

Steam Rating: Hot but still cute.

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