Idol by Kristen Callihan

So is it just me or does anyone feel like this series is criminally under-rated? Kristen Callihan is someone I stumbled across by accident and now I’ll read anything she puts out. Idol is the first in her V.I.P. series (a classic inter-connected yet stand-alone romance series) and boy does she start it off with a bang.

We’ve got a couple of tropes I love in this one. Number one, it’s obviously a rockstar romance. A bit of a twist here is that she’s also musical (though not a musician), and there are some VERY cute scenes where they sing/write music together. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So we start off by meeting the main character, who has one of the coolest heroine names I’ve ever come across: Liberty Bell. Maybe you didn’t read that right. Liberty. Bell. That’s so bold Kristen and I love it. Anyway she goes by Libby and she is quite the self-sufficient, independent, slightly gruff little firecracker. Libby meets Killian, clearly the love interest, when he crashes his motorcycle into her yard about two pages into the book.

I don’t know about you but there are a couple things I love in a good romcom book. One, no long, boring, unnecessary intro. Two, no stupid love triangle that leaves me angry and unable to invest in anyone. Three, a hot, dark-haired, mysterious man on a motorcycle. So there we go folks. Kristen is delivering on all three for me and all I can say is thank you.

Killian is great. He’s charming, funny, hot, interesting, and actual has depth to his character. I loved him and Libby together. It starts as one of those classic “the girl doesn’t know who the famous guy is, thus making the famous guy feel like she likes him for him” tropes but then gets way more interesting and dynamic. It was a quick, exciting, satisfying read.

Steam rating: Hot but not the main point of the story.

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